Morning Ireland News Quiz

The government announced new tax rates for oil and gas exploration companies this week. In welcoming the news, the Chair of the Irish Offshore Operators’ Association said an oil company had spent €200 million in an unsuccessful bid to find oil off the Irish coast. What is the name of the area where the exploration took place?

oil exploration

Dublin's Lord Mayor Christy Burke has said he doesn't want members of the British royal family being placed in prominent positions during the 1916 commemorations, but which British royal first created the position of Mayor of Dublin in 1229?

christy burke

An Aer Lingus flight had to return to Dublin this week, after several members of the cabin crew got sick. Where was the plane headed?


King Felipe VI, who took over from his father, King Juan Carlos, has represented Spain in the Olympic Games in which sport?


Two hillwalkers in the Knockmealdown Mountains were rescued after becoming trapped in rhododendron bushes. Which of these statements is untrue?


Who scored the first hat-trick of World Cup 2014?

world cup