Morning Ireland News Quiz

The Government has scrapped the mobility allowance for people with disabilities. The maximum that could be claimed under that scheme was €208.50 per month -- or €2,502 annually. What is the annual travel allowance available to Dublin TDs attending the Dáil?


An Irish-brokered EU deal on capping bankers' bonuses has been approved. Under the agreement, bonuses will be capped at a year's salary, but can rise to how many years' pay if there is approval from shareholders?


Wickow resident Daniel Day-Lewis made film history this week by winning Best Actor at the Oscars for a third time. For which of the following films did he not win an Oscar?

Daniel Day Lewis

After over 30 years recording music for household names such as U2, David Bowie and the Spice Girls, Windmill Lane Recording Studios is appealing for musicians to come and reclaim their master tapes, which are taking up valuable space. Among the wealth of tapes clogging up the studios is an early version of which AC/DC song?


Chelsea manager Rafael Benitez says he'll be manager until the end of the season. If he's not sacked before May, what will stand as his shortest managerial assignment so far?


The Irish Women’s rugby team won the Triple Crown last weekend after beating Scotland by 30 points to 3 points in Lasswade, Scotland. Irish captain Fiona Coghlan spoke to Des Cahill on Monday's programme. How many times has Ireland won the Triple Crown in women’s rugby?