Morning Ireland News Quiz

Who did Dublin's Lord Mayor Christy Burke say had offered to mediate in the dispute over the cancellation of the Garth Brooks concerts?

garth croker

Garth Brooks heard about the outcome of Dublin City Council's debate on the motions regarding his concerts by:


Ministers and potential ministers were made to wait to learn their fate in the Cabinet reshuffle but one thing always seemed certain -- that Environment Minister Phil Hogan would become Ireland's next EU Commissioner later this year. Who did Phil Hogan succeed when he became Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government in March 2011?

burton and kenny

Whales from a pod which beached on the coast of Donegal this week died despite efforts by locals to keep them alive. What species of whale were they?


Germany's victory over Brazil on Tuesday set a new record for the worst defeat ever suffered by that country. Which team inflicted the previous worst defeat on Brazil?

brazil v germany