Morning Ireland News Quiz

Michael D. Higgins came under scrutiny this week when comments he made on the euro crisis seemed to stray beyond the boundaries of presidential protocol. Criticising the level of cuts endured by the Irish, he said: “The polite version is that we are ..."


The Fine Gael parliamentary party met for five hours to discuss the Government's proposed abortion legislation. Who chairs the FG parliamentary party?


For Monday's programme, RTÉ Science and Technology Correspondent Will Goodbody spoke to James Watson, who discovered the double helix structure of DNA. He was in Ireland for the unveiling of a sculpture commemorating the discovery. In the course of the interview, Dr Watson referred to the 'historic curse of the Irish' which he identified as ...


On Wednesday, we spoke to writer Colm Tóibín, whose play "The Testament of Mary" was nominated for three Tony Awards. While delighted by the nominations for Best Play, Sound and Lighting, he expressed disappointment that the actress who plays Mary in the one-woman play did not get a nomination. Who is she?


For the first time, two German teams, Bayern and Dortmund, are in the final of the Champions League at Wembley Stadium. Which was the last country to have two teams in the final?